Best Bargain Bin Games Vol. 4

The fourth edition includes GTA IV, Gears of War, Fallout, Dead Space and more!

Alex Keenby Alex Keen

Best Bargain Bin Games Vol. 4

I’ve always spent a lot of time bargain hunting for video games.  I’ll randomly stop in a GameStop just because it’s there – even though I know that there are no deals to be found.  That’s the kind of cheap bastard that I am.  Through my bargain hunting I was fortunate enough to discover a relative gold mine of game deals that you may have missed.  It’s not in a store and you don’t have to go far from your keyboard to find it.  My primary source for cheap used games has been a little site called

 With as my source, I have scoured the virtual bargain bin and come up with my list of the 50 Games of the Current Generation that are priced less than $10. This list makes up the fourth entry, numbers 31-40. You can read the first entry, numbers 1-10 here (Best Bargain Bin Games of the Current Generation Vol. 1), the second entry here (Best Bargain Bin Games Vol. 2), and the third entry here (Best Bargain Bin Games Vol. 3).

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31. Lost Planet (Extreme Conditions)


I have to say, Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions may have been the game that I was the most hyped for during this generation.  Early on in the Xbox 360’s life cycle, a killer demo was released that sold me outright.  After the demo, Capcom blew the doors off with a mega-million dollar marketing campaign that put this game in movie theaters.  Lost Planet had blockbuster written all over it.  That is, until the game was actually released.  And, while it made good money and had pretty cool gameplay, the storyline was… atrocious.  Still, if you’re like me and you’re okay with ignoring a stupid story in exchange for solid gameplay and innovative boss battles, $10 for this game (on both Xbox 360 and PS3) is a steal.

32. The Beatles: Rock Band


When this game was launched the impact on the public consciousness was obvious.  I had a plethora of friends, mostly non-gamers, asking me a million questions.  Talking about how great the game was going to be.  They foresaw this as the ultimate realization of their rock and roll fantasies.  And yet, here we are over a year later, and Beatles Rock Band is super inexpensive.  Not only that, but the DLC train has stopped completely and the game’s online presence is not exactly gangbusters.  The problem with this game was not that it wasn’t good.  The problem was that there just wasn’t enough to do.  It has become obviously apparent that just one band cannot carry a music game.  They are a great novelty and a great draw… but there needs to be more diversity and content.  With that said, for $10 or less this game is the steal of a lifetime.  Sure, you’ll need to still get some instruments.  Or, you do like I do and just borrow the equipment from one of your buddies who used to love Rock Band and is now obsessed with Kinect instead.

33. Gears of War 1 & 2


Without a doubt, Gears of War is one of the top new franchises of the modern generation.  If you own and Xbox and haven’t at least tried one of these games, you are truly missing out.  Gears has stellar graphics, a well designed camera, decent storytelling, terrific co-op play, and a still vibrant online community.  For $10 each, these games are a perfect for fans of shooters looking for the best that gaming has to offer.  If you’re a new Xbox owner, Gears of War 1 & 2 are the perfect bargain games to hold you over until you can get your savings account back to where it’s supposed to be.  There are multiple versions of these games out there… I would recommend getting the versions with extra DLC only if you plan on playing online.

34. GTA IV


This one might be a no-brainer.  Still, I know that there are many of you that haven’t completely finished this game and might need a push to wrap this puppy up.  Or, maybe you were stuck under a rock and were stuck playing too much Call of Duty.  If you haven’t played through all of Rockstar’s masterpiece, you deserve to give this another run through. Think of your children and what you’ll have to tell them if you’ve never finished Niko Bellic’s epic journey. 

35. Mirror’s Edge


This is a fantastic little experiment that deserves to at least be experienced.  Mirror’s Edge mixes together challenging gameplay with a revolutionary graphical style.  While I can understand that you might have been hesitant to pick up this risky title at full price, you truly have no excuse for picking it up for less than a 10-spot.  Plus, you get to play a game that your mom won’t think is oppressing women. Now that — that is a bonus.

36. The Bourne Conspiracy & Quantum of Solace


Both of these movie tie-ins (sorta) are under the $10 mark and worth some play time.  I’d recommend Bourne over Bond in this situation, but really the quality of these games aren’t too far apart.  They’re both $20 games released at an overpriced mark because of their pedigree.  Quantum of Solace was more focused on action and gunplay; while Bourne spent more time living a stealthy life.  If you’re a fan of these franchises and aren’t too overly sensitive to the problems of these games, I’d say that they are both a decent deal under $10.

37. 50 Cent: Blood in the Sand


Although the Xbox version is still a bit over the $10 mark, the PS3 version has dropped low enough to make this list.  This gangsta third-person shooter is a huge cult favorite in the CraveOnline offices. It simply brings silly fun to a well managed engine.  Basically you get to run around with 50 Cent and blast the shit out of everyone and everything.  What’s not to like?  Best of all, just in case you forgot that you’re playing as 50 Cent, the man himself wears a hat with his logo smack-dab in the middle.  Perhaps the best product placement I’ve ever seen.

38.  Full Auto 2: Battlelines


I’m not going to lie to you, this game might not deliver an experience that you will definitely enjoy.  It might be worth your time.  I included this game on the list, despite having never played the game for three reasons: 1) there’s not a whole lot exclusively on the PS3 for under $10; 2) you can always try the demo first; and 3) I thought that the original Full Auto was a decent attempt.  So, if you’re willing to give the demo a shot AND you like what you see, give Full Auto 2 a run through.  I am not guaranteeing you anything.  However, you might be surprised with a hidden gem.

39.  Dead Space Extraction


I am a huge Dead Space fan and I’m pretty ecstatic to see that the Wii venture has dropped down in price.  Sure, it may not be a great sign that a lot of people played this game.  However, the reviews and the franchise make me comfortable enough to go ahead and recommend you give it a shot.  The Dead Space franchise is easily one of the scariest new IPs of this generation.  The devs have been smart to not flood the consoles with too many games in the series.  I think this game is especially important to those of you stuck with just a Wii.  So, go get yourself out there and pick this game up!

40. Fallout 3


Look, I’m not going to lie to you, I am pretty intimidated by the size and scope of Fallout 3.  I was never able to finish this monster up.  In fact, I barely made my way out of the shelter.  It’s just a huge and massive investment of time and patience.  While playing a game for 70 hours isn’t my idea of fun, to get that amount of gameplay for less than $10 is a marvel.  So, if you are a gamer looking to get a ton of bang for your buck, you really cannot go wrong with Fallout 3.  Don’t be a wuss like me and take a crack at this mega-game.