CES: Monster Cable teams up with WCC and Daft Punk

West Coast Customs gives an Audi R8 the Tron treatment for CES and Monster releases Tron headphones.

John Scott Lewinskiby John Scott Lewinski

CES: Monster Cable teams up with WCC and Daft Punk

You can’t drive a light bike home from work, but if your pockets are deep enough, you can take the wheel of the new Tron: Legacy Custom Audi R8 created by California’s West Coast Customs.


The car debuted at a special Consumer Electronics Show reveal in Las Vegas to celebrate Monster Music’s release of Daft Punk’s Tron: Legacy soundtrack in in Monster High Definition Headphone Surround.


CES attendees were the first buyers able to pick up the soundtrack free with every pair of Monster’s new Tron Daft Punk Special Edition Premium Headphones ($349.95). At $349.95 the headphones are more expensive than your pocket earbuds, but we’ll assume that’s less than the Tron-adorned R8 will run you.



The marriage of Monster and West Cost Customs provides some CES buzz for the headphone manufacturer and some synergy for the creator of tricked-out cars. The vehicle will show up on an upcoming Tron-centric episode of the reality show, Inside West Coast Customs.


Ryan Friedlinghaus, West Coast Customs Owner, and Head Monster Noel Lee were on hand in Vegas to show off the new headphones, the car and the specially remixed surround sound Tron music supervised by the film’s original mixer, Alan Meyerson.