Axel Alonso Named New Marvel Editor-In-Chief

Former EIC Joe Quesada will remain as Marvel's Chief Creative Officer

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Axel Alonso Named New Marvel Editor-In-Chief

Over the last few decades, the position of editor-in-chief of Marvel has been held by some of the greatest legends in the comic book industry, including Stan Lee, Joe Simon, Jim Shooter, Marv Wolfman and for the last ten years, Joe Quesada. But after today, there’s a new name on that list.

Marvel has announced that Axel Alonso will be the new EIC, starting immediately. Back in June, Quesada was promoted to Chief Creative Officer of Marvel and he will stay with the company in that position.
Alonso began his career at DC’s Vertigo line as an editor of several acclaimed titles, including "Hellblazer," "Preacher," "Doom Patrol," "100 Bullets" and "Animal Man." Alonso’s reputation and track record soon came to the attention of Quesada, who eventually recruited him to Marvel in 2000. During his ten year tenure at Marvel, Alonso edited Garth Ennis’ "The Punisher" and oversaw the mature readers "PunisherMAX," in addition to J. Michael Straczynski’s "Amazing Spider-Man" run. More recently, Alonso was in charge of the "X-Men" related comic books. Alonso was also promoted last year to Vice President, Executive Editor.

"It’s with tremendous pride that I announce Axel Alonso’s promotion to Editor-In-Chief," said Quesada in an official statement from Marvel. "For over a decade, Axel’s been instrumental in bringing fresh new voices to Marvel and reinventing our biggest characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, Wolverine and so many more. He’s fought to create unique imprints like Marvel MAX while also bringing fresh new voices to the Marvel family."

"Time and time again, Axel has proven that he is one of the very best story editors in the history of our medium and one of the finest people I know," continued Quesada. "And, like everyone here at Marvel, he has one single focus, bringing you the best stories with the best characters in all of comicdom. That’s why I have no doubt that Axel will bring Marvel Comics to greater heights than it’s ever known!"

"Marvel has a great history of the most dynamic and memorable EiCs in comics history and I’m honored to step into this role," added Alonso. "I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most creative men and women in the world, bringing to life some of the most compelling stories you’ll find in any medium. This new role provides me with exciting challenges and prospects I’ve never encountered before, but I know one thing — Marvel’s getting even bigger in 2011."