NY Yankees to Buy Arizona Diamondbacks

Will there be a Yankees East and Yankees West?

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

NY Yankees to Buy Arizona Diamondbacks

It is time for another 2011 prediction.  Most people are aware the New York Yankees have an obscene amount of money to spend on just about anything they want.  They have out-bid teams for years, raking up as many all star players as they can to garner championship after championship. 

Fortunately my crystal ball has begun to glow and I have seen the future.  The next step in the Yankees’ drive for a championship is the purchase of the Arizona Diamondbacks.  Yes, the entire organization. 

With this purchase, the Yankees will have an American League and National League organization that spans the country.  Of course the Diamondbacks cannot keep their name.  No, they will become the Yankees West.

With the Yankees East based out of New York and the Yankees West out of Arizona, the pinstripe organization will be able to dominate both leagues.  Their hope is to achieve the ultimate goal of playing themselves in the World Series. 

Even though I am not a Yankee supporter, I must give them credit for this genius idea to obtain total control of the World Series title.  They truly have situated themselves to be an unstoppable force.

There is no question that the new team in Arizona will be more dominate.  Warmer climate, a laid-back press, and an endless supply of rich people from Scottsdale to represent their season ticket holders.  Although, there is the whole "Girls Gone Wild" franchise that runs strong on the Arizona campuses so there should be plenty of trashy girls to keep the players on the forefront of tabloid news.  It is a gamble, but I am going to predict that the new Yankees West becomes the stronger team.

Of course this is just my humble prediction for 2011, but is it really that crazy?  I think not. 

Until my crystal ball glows again, enjoy figuring out the future of sports on your own.