Static Shock Returns To The DC Universe In New Series

The Milestone hero gets his first series in ten years.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Static Shock Returns To The DC Universe In New Series

After nearly a decade removed from his last solo series, Static is finally coming back with a comic of his own.

Earlier today, DC announced on its Source Blog that an all new Static Shock ongoing series will debut in the middle of this year with writer Felicia Henderson along with artists Scott McDaniel and Jonathan Glapion.

"I always had my fingers crossed about Static getting his own book, again," said Henderson. "In fact, I stalked Dan DiDio about the idea. I’m also a big Dwayne McDuffie fan, and if I could choose my real life little brother, he’d be Static! I love his relationship with his family, particularly with his sister. It feels very grounded and real to me. I love how much he cares about Dakota and that he’s a typical guy in a lot of ways. And nothing’s more fun to write than raging hormones, a dedication to doing the right thing for the right reasons, all while still trying to figure out who you are and what you really want."

Static was created back in 1993 by Dwayne McDuffie and John Paul Leon, who envisioned the teenage hero in the mold of Spider-Man. A young man named Virgil Hawkins was exposed to an experimental substance that granted him control over electricity, which he used to become the superhero known as Static. For several years, Static was one of the core characters of the Milestone universe, founded by McDuffie and a coalition of other African-American writers and artists.

Although Static’s original comic ended in 1997, the character was revitalized in an animated series called "Static Shock," which led to Static’s last solo book, Static Shock: Return of the Cool back in 2001.

More recently, Static and the other Milestone characters were integrated into the DC Universe. The last time Static was seen, he left the Teen Titans to find a way to reclaim his lost powers.

Static Shock #1 will hit stores in May with a cover by Keron Grant.

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