WonderCon Wrap-Up: DC Comics

Here's the DC Comics round-up for WonderCon 2011 - and believe it or not, there was something else happening there besides Green Lantern movie footage.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #8


WonderCon is over for 2011, and here are some of the interesting highlights that came up for all you DC Comics fans out there.  Yes, there were a few actual comic-related things to note.  It wasn't ALL hype for the Green Lantern movie.

  • A July event called "Retro-Active" will bring together renowned artists and writers from the 70s, 80s and 90s for a series of one-shot stories going back to the eras those creators are famous for, packaged with reprinted issues from their heyday.  This includes Keith Giffen working with J.M. DeMatteis and artist Kevin Maguire on a 90s era Justice League story (featuring his beloved Justice League International cast of characters), Louise Simonson and Jon Bogdanove working on 90s Superman (taking place "about halfway through 'Man of Steel #31,'") and Marv Wolfman revisiting his 80s Superman era, which he's hoping will give "the feel of an 80s story without looking back on those days with the irony of nearly 30 years passing."  Other contributors will include Martin Pasko, Cary Bates and Gerry Conway on JLA; Dennis O'Neil, Roy Thomas and William Messner-Loebs on Wonder Woman; Bates, Messner-Loebs and Brian Augustyn on The Flash; O'Neil, Len Wein and Ron Marz on Green Lantern; and Wein, Mike W. Barr and Alan Grant on Batman.
  • If you're waiting for the return of Wally West, it looks like you'll have to settle for what you get from the 90s "Retro-Active" story.





  • When asked about the potential return of Dick Grayson as Nightwing at the DC Nation panel, DC bigwig Dan Didio unbuttoned his shirt (yikes!) to reveal he was wearing a Nightwing T-shirt underneath.  That would seem to be a positive sign, especially for a guy who was once rumored to despise the character.
  • Bane will likely be elevated to marquee status around the time The Dark Knight Rises movie hits theaters featuring him as a major villain, and despite his recent words of regret in Secret Six regarding his issues with Batman, there aren't plans to have the two of them reconcile.  Executive editor Eddie Berganza said "making him nice and cuddly wouldn't be the direction they wanted to go."  Gotta love forcing character regression for the sake of reaching out to non-fans.
  • There was far less stuff they could talk about than they'd originally planned because they belatedly realized the last issue of Brightest Day hadn't hit the stands yet, so a lot of stuff they brought to show the con-goers couldn't be shown.  So much for info about the upcoming Flashpoint event.
  • They did mention that a lot of recent DC cancellations were done because there were upcoming miniseries of those titles tying into Flashpoint and they didn't want to double up.  But The Brave and The Bold was dropped to avoid confusion with the animated series.
  • Geoff Johns talked about upcoming Green Lantern events, promising that the eventual reveal of the White Lantern at the end of Brightest Day #23 will surprise us all.  He also noted that we're going to get a good deal more of Mogo, an eventual "Secret Origin" story about the fall of Sinestro, and that the main goal behind the current War of the Lanterns saga is to get back to focusing on Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner again after so much time spent developing all the other Lantern Corps.  In a revelation sure to inspire fanboy salivation, he also promised a "no rings, no utility belts" fight between Hal Jordan and Bruce Wayne.  We all know Hal Jordan likes to punch people.
  • Johns also made mention of his upcoming Aquaman series with Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.  He described his take on the character in one word:  "tough."
  • Judd Winick revealed that his upcoming Batman & Robin arc will feature the first meeting between Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd since "Under the Hood," and it'll take place in Arkham.  It'll also feature the first team-up between Todd, Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne.
  • Amy Reeder, the artist on Batwoman, said the delay of the book isn't due to lateness on the creators' part, but rather because DC wants to do a big promotional push for it and doesn't want it to get lost in the Flashpoint hullabaloo this summer.  Therefore, we can expect it around September.  Of course, Didio said before that it was to ensure that the title came out on time, monthly, so there's some kind of miscommunication going on.
  • Winick also said that the last two issues of Justice League: Generation Lost will be "basically one long ass-kicking that Booster Gold gives Maxwell Lord, because he's really got it coming."


So nothing super huge (although the Retro-Active thing looks really interesting), but we'll thank the scheduling mix-up of the last issue of Brighest Day and the dedication to not revealing spoilers for that.