Are We There Yet? – All You Can Drink Vacays

Go on a "Drink-cation".

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

All-inclusive resorts down south have been popular for decades – the main draw has been the price tag, which includes all of your expenses, from your airfare to hotel accommodations, food, and, of course, booze. There are never any unexpected surprises!


Cruises are a lot of fun, with top-notch amenities and tons of great activities, both on-board and usually at each port of call. So you can imagine how excited I was when I read on the Budget Travel website that there are now three new all-you-can-drink cruises.


That's right – Independence of the Seas (based in the UK), Legend of the Seas (based in Asia), and Grandeur of the Seas (based in Panama and the Mediterranean), all of which are Royal Caribbean cruise lines, are offering various all-you-can-drink packages that can be purchased by travelers ahead of time. The article cites that their cheapest deal, which is $29/day, includes all beer and house wines plus 25 percent off other wines and liquors. The Classic Package, which costs $39/day, includes all beer, house wine, liquors and cocktails (excluding certain premium brands), and for $49/day (the Premium Package), you get all the beer, house wine, liquors and cocktails you want as well as premium liquor brands and glasses of wine up to $10 a glass.


For my group of friends (20-30-somethings), I think this is a fantastic option. However, for regular cruise-goers like my parents who aren't big drinkers, I think all-you-can-drink packages will also mean more partying aboard the ships, so it was a good decision by Royal Caribbean to only offer such deals on specific boats.


For a long time I always thought of cruises as being for the older, calmer crowd, leaving the all-inclusives for the younger, rowdier generation. However, I know a lot of people my age want to experience the luxury of taking a cruise. Smart move bringing together the best of both worlds, cruise lines! Now bring this service to some cruises closer to home than Asia!


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