Erotic Thriller Writer Joe Eszterhas Wrote a New Erotic Thriller!

The writer of Basic Instinct, Sliver and Showgirls knows a thing or two about lust. His new script's called Lust, by the way.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

It seems like only a couple weeks ago that I was bemoaning the death of sex in mainstream cinema. Oh wait, that was a couple weeks ago. Stupid Sucker Punch Anyway, Joe Eszterhas, the man whose name became synonymous with cinematic sleaze in the 1990's with scripts like Basic Instinct, Sliver and Showgirls heard my death knell and death knell and responded by pumping out a new erotic thriller called, not too cleverly, Lust.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Lust tells the story of a happily married 30-year-old woman who succumbs to the seduction of a younger man. But when that young man's jealous personal assistant films their tryst, things get complicated. Fornication and fatalities probably ensue. The film is being independently produced.

There are two things I hope for: A) that Lust is good, obviously (Sliver and Jade weren't exactly winners from the Eszterhas department), and B) that there's even a place for this kind of movie in theaters anymore. With hardcore pornographic content available at the flick of the wrist on any personal computer, nobody seems to go out to a movie theater to be aroused these days. Sexiness still sells, but actual sex tends to lower attendance when it used to be the other way around. R-rated naughtiness just isn't scintillating enough to bring out the kinky audience members, but it's also too lurid for everyone else. Not a good market for Lust, both the film and the concept. It's a shame we can't all sit in the dark together and get turned on as a group any longer… or maybe that's just me.

Crave Online will return with more Lust as soon as we're done with the… er… internet.