Get Your Name Immortalized in BioShock Infinite

Irrational Games is offering one lucky fan the opportunity of a lifetime (if you're a nerd).

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Irrational Games is running one hell of a contest for BioShock Infinite. As announced on the company’s website, Irrational is honoring their fanbase by giving one lucky person the chance to have their name featured in BioShock Infinite.

For a little context, the original BioShock featured a lot of fine establishments in Rapture like Sinclair’s Spirits and Robertson’s Tobaccoria. Those names, Sinclair and Robertson, were the names of two of the developers on the Irrational team. This contest gives you the chance to have your name preface the name of one of Columbia’s shops or sectors. Pretty freakin’ neat. I bet if I won my shop would be called "Norris' Nectar"… or something like that. 

In order to enter your name you’ll have to travel to Irrational’s official website, again linked here. Fill out the “official” submission form and cross your fingers. Someone’s going to be immortalized in one of 2012 hottest games. The contest runs until April 13, 11:59 PM EST.

Good luck!


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