Pretty Pajamas Provide Powerful Physiques

Tired of making the point about impossible comic book physiques?  Marvel's gonna make it for you now.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

It's been long lamented that comic book artists draw their women to look impossibly put together, with enormous boobs and anorexic waistlines and maybe even missing some internal organs to make that look work.  Now, ladies can illustrate that point while at the same time rocking some funnybook jammies, Underoos style with a slew of new pajamas designed to replicate the impossible physiques of Marvel comic book heroines.

Whether your interest lies in classics like She-Hulk and the Black Widow, new-school chicas like Spider-Girl and American Dream or even the snobby tramp Emma Frost, now you can show off the stark contrast between imaginary fantasy girls and real women, while still getting your nerd on.

Check out these neat little numbers.