Kevin Feige Teases ‘Hawkeye,’ ‘Dr. Strange’ Movies and More!

The Marvel Studios president reveals Avengers sequel and spin-off plans in latest interview.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

In a recent interview with Disney twenty-three, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige talked openly about upcoming movie plans for Marvel superheroes after the eagerly-anticipated Avengers movie in 2012. It turns out that there are a lot of plans indeed, ranging from Iron Man 3 to Thor 2 to Captain America 2, which will be set in the present day. 

But we expected that. Feige, whose interview was first previewed in IGN, also discussed which spin-offs were being considered in The Avengers' wake. Quoth the Feige: "Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the spy organization S.H.I.E.L.D. – all of whom are more than worthy and capable of carrying their own films." Hell yes, they are. Especially Hawkeye, who unlike his comic book counterpart is unlikely to die a string of silly deaths in an equally silly crossover before coming back to life anticlimactically because his murderer wished it so. Why yes, I'm still bitter. Why do you ask?

Feige also teased a new slate of upcoming Marvel movie properties. Dr. Strange was mentioned by name, but mostly he just referenced corners of the Marvel universe we haven't (properly) seen on film yet: "And, we've got a lot of other characters we're prepping and getting ready for film debuts: the world of martial arts, these great cosmic space fantasies, Dr. Strange, and the magic side of the Marvel Universe. There are many, many stories to be mined."

The 'world of martial arts' comment probably limits the possibilities to Iron Fist and Iron Fist, since Shang Chi hasn't exactly set the world on fire lately. 'Great cosmic space fantasies' is a really exciting thing to discuss, however, with a dearth of great sci-fi in theaters these days and a wealth of classic Marvel space stories to mine. Come on, Kevin… Give us that Rocket Raccoon movie we've been asking for!

Oh wait, maybe that's just me. 

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