IT’S OFFICIAL: ‘The Avengers’ Starts Filming Today!

They're going to hit us hard and slow... because it takes a long time to make a movie folks.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

One of the things you learn when you follow the news in this industry is that every movie imaginable is in pre-production somewhere, whether there's just one guy working on a spec script or it's actively being cast. The other thing you pick up on quickly is that just because people are working on a movie doesn't mean it's actually getting made. It's only once production officially starts that you can be confident that a project is really going to happen, and sometimes not even then. So it's heartening that The Avengers, possibly the most ambitious superhero movie ever devised, goes in front of the cameras today because, dude… this is really happening.

Joss Whedon himself broke the news on Whedonesque, his personal blog, and as always the news was tinted with his charmingly droll brand of wit:

Hi Pumpkins, joss here.

Tomorrow we start shooting (I THINK I'm legally permitted to say that). Day one. That's right. We'll be shooting the pivotal death/betrayal/product placement/setting up the sequel/coming out scene, at the following address:

[Marvel Lawyers rush in, take Joss's keyboard, blowtorch a picture of his family like in "Stormy Monday", drink his milkshake, leave the seat up, fluff his pillows, violently unfluff his pillows, leave]

Went too far. My bad. Anyhoo, it should be a fun day, followed by the eighty thousand other fun days it will take to finish this. I'll be checking in from time to time, if there's news or I crave attention (i.e. am awake) . None of it will be Avengers news — I have some very denty pillows to remind of that — but I may have tidbits. (They're not about Firefly. I should say that up front, if only to protect Sis Mo from the HATORZ.)


So wish me luck. DO IT! LUCK! NOW! I'm off to finish some Buffy pages, and then figure out what the movie is about already. I'm pretty sure it's about the Justice League [Marvel Lawyers re-enter, unspeakability occurs] or possibly something else. I'll get it. I've been looking forward to this. For about 46 years.




Crave Online will be back with more Avengers news as it lives Kree or dies.