‘Bruce Lee Lives!’ Heads To Fuel TV

One of the most famous martial artists of all time gets his due in a new six part TV series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

In the world of martial arts, few individualizes have been as memorable or as influential as the great Bruce Lee. And this summer, fans are going to get a fresh look at Lee courtesy of Fuel TV.
Fuel TV has announced that it will run "Bruce Lee Lives!" this summer, beginning in July. The six part half hour series will explore the life of Lee and feature interviews with several notable performers who cite Lee's influence, including Chuck Liddell, Herschel Walker, Criss Angel, Carlos Santana, Zach Snyder, Jesse Ventura, Omar Epps, Cain Velasquez and Ryan Phillippe among others.

The series will also track Lee's continued influence through modern martial arts disciplines in addition to never-before-seen interviews with Lee himself.

“Despite Bruce Lee’s passing almost 38 years ago, he continues to have an overwhelming impact on the martial arts world and many credit him with being the father of modern day mixed martial arts (MMA),” said FUEL TV's Director of Development and Current Programming, Shane Coburn. “But Lee’s vision went far beyond hand-to-hand combat as he pushed athletic, artistic, and cultural boundaries.”

Over the course of his life, Lee developed his own martial arts philosophy Jeet Kune Do and he starred in several films in Hong Kong and the U.S. that helped popularize the martial arts genre films and transformed Lee into a cultural icon.

Lee passed away at the extremely young age of 32, but his fans will never forget him.

"Bruce Lee Lives!" will premiere on FUEL TV on Sunday, July 17 at 10PM PT/ET.