Our Thoughts on Nintendo’s Next Console

The Crave gaming team chimes in on the official announcement of Nintendo's new console.

Erik, Joey, Mike & Alexby Erik, Joey, Mike & Alex


Well, it’s official. Nintendo has confirmed that they have a new console in the works and are ready to show it off at E3 this June. However, Nintendo is still holding the system’s details close to the chest. The thing could be in HD. It could have mini-screens on the controllers. Hell, it could be a Virtual Boy redux. We won’t know until Nintendo hosts their E3 keynote. But that doesn’t stop us from weighing in and admitting if we’re excited for a new Nintendo console or not. So, what’s it going to take to get excited for Nintendo's next system?

erikErik Norris: Maybe it’s foolish to start speculating and hyping this early. Hell, we only have a confirmation from Nintendo to go off of. We don’t know specs, or even a name for the damned thing. However, the simple thought of a Nintendo console in HD makes me a happy, erect boy. While playing Super Mario Galaxy 2, I often fantasized what the game would look like in HD and with colors that truly “popped” (it’s astonishing how good that game looks without those things). However, there’s one key point of discussion that comes up every time we do one of these “Our Thoughts” on new hardware. It’s going to take an impressive, drool-worthy launch lineup to get me waiting outside in the cold on launch day.

Since the Wii 2/Project Cafe rumors started flooding in, I’ve done some reminiscing on my console purchasing history. Surprisingly, I came to the epiphany that I’ve never bought a console on launch. Not a one. I usually tough it out, playing my dated, “lame-o” tech until there’s that one game that I just can’t pass up. That’s been my shtick ever since I was old enough to get an allowance and freely spend it on things that would rot my brainhole. The Wii 2 will be no different, honestly.

While I lust for an HD Nintendo console, I won’t pony up the change until I know it’s worth the investment for me. Of course, the hype that this thing will generate from E3 this year till launch is going to be brutal to ignore. But for my wallet’s sake, I need to stay strong. However, if Nintendo blows down the doors of E3 with a console that truly is our first showcase of next generation tech with the software lineup to back it up, then I’ll bite. You know, as long as they don’t promise these types of titles then completely redact it like they did with the 3DS launch. Because, let’s be serious, I’m not buying into the next evolution of console gaming if all I can play on launch is Nintendogs + cats + hamsters.

joeyJoey Davidson: Games, games, games, games and games. Look, call me crazy, but I don’t care what this next system from Nintendo’s capable of. Give it 16 screens on one controller, a hot chocolate dispenser and a set of Augmented Reality Inflatable Hookers packed in every system for all I care. Do I want it to be graphically boss? Shit yes. But that bit doesn’t matter too much when all is said and done.

What really bugs me is that Nintendo’s always championed fun over graphics. And, shit, I agree with them. I love games that positively blow my mind in the concept, fun and control departments. They don’t need to be visually or technically stunning. Look at Mario Galaxy, look at Mario Kart, look at Donkey Kong Country Returns. All great games, none of them technical stunners.

But, hell, notice a trend with those titles? They’re all made by Nintendo. That’s the big N’s major problem in my opinion. Third party companies don’t make great Nintendo games anymore. So my systems are left collecting dust until Nintendo releases their next effort. Were it not for the need to review the unit, my 3DS would have sat untouched after I completed Pilotwings.

Give me games. Blow my mind with hardware, sure. But I won’t give a rat’s ass unless you give me games.

alexAlex Keen: Unlike Erik, I actually played Super Mario Galaxy 2 in HD and it looked like complete shit. I want my next Nintendo console to deliver graphical goodness.  I am tired of seeing Mario covered in jaggies.  I want him taking roadie runs down the dirtiest of hallways with a lancer in hand and smoke grenade in his back pocket.  I want to see that fat Italian plumber driving down the streets of L. A. within a never-ending stream of randomized traffic.  I want to see the sweat on Wario’s brow (filled with puss-riddled zits).  I am tired of explaining to people that Nintendo is all about gameplay and gave up on graphical prowess back in the late 1990s. I am your prototypical graphics whore.

I don’t need the next Nintendo console to be cheap because I want them to really stack the deck with tech that will keep the system relevant for 10 years. Throw in Blu-ray. Make 3D optional. Allow the console to help pay for Medicare for me three decades from now. Would it be too much to ask for this thing to make me breakfast in bed?  Seriously, Nintendo has spent the entire last console cycle making the minimum… now is the time to really shake things up.

Finally, they need to allow third-party developers to truly make games that play on all three systems.  The next Call of Duty game should play well not only on the Xbox and PS3 but also on this new console.  I’m tired of seeing my Wii as a paper weight designed to help me bowl and to check my monthly weight gain.  Nintendo’s new system needs to embrace the culture instead of trying to create a new culture.  I don’t need a fad… I need sustainable entertainment. RAWR!!!!

mikeMike White: It's never a good thing to be the last one to weigh in on one of these discussions. I’ll hold back my rage at Alex for now but beware of my fury, friend. I absolutely love Nintendo for doing what others won’t. They aren’t Sony and they aren’t Microsoft. That’s great. It would be a sad day for me if the only reason I had to chose between consoles was the short list of proprietary games.

I have likes and dislikes about each console. One I like better for sports games and one for first-person shooters. The Wii I love for it’s zany, entertaining, get me out of my couch’s ass-imprinted cushion fun. This is one reason why I’m a bit skeptical about the controller screens. There is an opportunity for some creative gameplay elements there. Let’s just hope they take advantage of it.

Would I like to see Nintendo games look as pretty as can be? Sure I would. But only as long as they don’t lose sight of what makes their company great. If they keep their engaging, innovative spirit while bringing games to me in HD glory, you can bet I’ll be picking up this console. Whether or not I buy at launch is debatable. I still don’t have a 3DS yet, and that needs to come first.  

What do you guys think about Nintendo's new console thus far? Are you already planning to pre-order the thing? Like Joey, would you also like to see a set of AR hookers come packed in with every console? Sound off!