Nah-thlete of The Week: Albert Haynesworth

Copping a feel is NOT OK!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Guess who's in the news again for some unsavory actions? Why, it's our favorite media whipping boy, Albert Haynesworth of the Washington Redskins! You all know good old Albert, the defensive tackle for the Washington Redskins who signed a $100 million dollar contract in 2009 and then demanded a trade (after receiving a bonus) last season when Mike Shanahan took over the coaching duties. Not getting it, he skipped offseason workouts and failed to pass a conditioning test at the start of training camp. Albert would go on to not start a game and was eventually suspended without pay for the final four games of the season for "conduct detrimental to the club."


Now that we're waayyy into the NFL offseason, that means we're done hearing Haynesworth name…right?




Taking his cue from last summer, where at one point he was also involved in lawsuits from a bank, an exotic dancer, a man injured in an automobile accident and complaints from his ex-wife that he wasn't paying for her health insurance or their children's bills, Albert is again fielding a fistful of legal issues. This summer, the posterchild for privileged athlete idiocy is in hot water for a sexual abuse case stemming from an incident back in February.


Allegedly, during a birthday party in which Haynesworth was going to pick up an $800 tab, he called over a black (race comes into it in a minute) waitress who had her hands full with dirty dishes and demanded to pay with a credit card. Not allowing her to put the dishes down, he then slid the card into her bra and fondled her breast.


When confronted by others later in the evening, including police, this is what he said.


"I didn't touch her," Haynesworth responded, according to the document, adding that he doesn't "even like black girls."


"I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn't tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me."


Did I mention my questions about his IQ?


Despite a plea deal offered that would drop the charges to simple assault, Haynesworth refuses to give up and is claiming he will go to court (the plea deal is good till May 17th). Meanwhile he is also currently facing charges in Virginia for allegedly punching a man during a road-rage assault. That trial is set to begin next month.


When asked about these incidents Wednesday, Redskins coach Shanahan took the high road in his response.


"Any time that somebody's name that's out there that's associated with this organization that's not positive, obviously you don't feel very good about it," Shanahan said. "But you want to get the facts first, and I haven't been able to talk to Albert. Therefore I don't feel comfortable talking about it." 


Photo credit – AP