LucasFilm Announces Countdown to ‘Star Wars’ Announcement

On May 4th, Star Wars Day, 'all will be revealed,' presumably about Star Wars.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

Do you like Star Wars

All right, stupid question. Anyway, you'll probably be interested in this announcement LucasFilm just gave us: there will be an announcement about Star Wars on May 4th, Star Wars Day! Ah yes, announcements about announcements. If you have knickers, we recommend twisting them now just to avoid the rush.

The announcement gave us this link to May the 4th Be With You, a website with a countdown timer which appears set to 'go off' at about 6am, PST on May 4th. (Feel free to correct our math, though.) At the bottom of the screen, the mysterious words 'ALL WILL BE REVEALED' sit in an attempt to perplex your brain. If you look at the top of the screen, at the title of the webpage, you'll see the words 'Star Wars: The Complete Saga II May The 4th Be With You,' which takes a bit of the edge off. It looks to us like we're going to get the official specifications for the upcoming Star Wars Blu-Ray box set.

All we want to know is: Are we getting new transfers of the original trilogy? The original, un-screwed with original trilogy? A (fan)boy can hope… even if it's hardly a new hope.

Crave Online will be back on May 4th to see if these are really the droids we're looking for.