This is REALLY Happening #11

The boys look at the NEWS OF THE DOOMED here on Crave's weekly humor podcast!

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Its another week for the doomed as Powers/Carr look at the less-then-gentle slide of humanity deep into hell. This week we look at how NOT to steal a laptop… things you can lie about in High School. We’ll look at the best educational rap EVER, as well as another SPECIAL DELIVERY!




Special thanks to Allison Scagliotti for introducing the show this week. Check her out care of @AllisonScag and us at @SaxCarr and @TimIsFunny or of COURSE @CraveOnline … oh and CHECK OUT Allison on the upcoming season on Warehouse 13 in which she is THE BEST!

Keep your head up and eyes wide folks, its a crazy world out there!