Hawks Honor Magic’s Jameer Nelson’s Promise To Derrick Rose

Atlanta also takes game 1 to make it a perfect night.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

It began with an innocent comment to a rival that just happened to be in the middle of an interview and it ended in comedy genius for Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic. Back in the final week of the season, Nelson's Magic was playing Derrick Rose's Chicago Bulls in what could have been a preview of round 2 of the Eastern Conference playoffs. The Bulls won the game and while Rose was giving a post-game interview, Nelson came up and exchanged words with the Bulls star, clearly saying that he would "catch you in the second round".

At the time, the first round matchup between the Magic and the Atlanta Hawks was already in place and apparently, the Hawks didn't take kindly to the comments. Atlanta came out in the first round and took it to Orlando, beating them soundly in 6 games and advancing to the second round to face the Bulls.

Game 1 of that series was Monday night and apparently the Hawks didn't want to make a liar out of Nelson so they made sure to reserve two tickets for him to the game so he could keep his word. Hawks spokesman Arthur Triche announced that the tickets were available for Nelson on Twitter earlier Monday.

"Things that make me happy about this job," Triche said on Twitter. "Taking a page out of Jerry Glanville's book, I think I'll follow through on Jameer's request to catch Derrick Rose in the 2nd round."

From all accounts, Nelson didn't take the Hawks up on their generous offer and missed out on Atlanta upsetting Chicago 103-95 to take game 1 of the series. The Hawks are classic underdogs who are talented enough to play with everyone, even though they never get that type of recognition.

"They never give us a chance," Josh Smith said after Thursday's victory. "They never talk about the Hawks. They talk about Orlando, Chicago, Boston and Miami. We're always sneaking under the radar."

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