Exclusive interview – WWE star Edge

Retiring WWE star, Edge talks workouts and Wrestlemania.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel


When Trish Stratus’ feature film debut, Bail Enforcers, debuted at Actionfest, her WWE buddy Edge came to support her. He lives in Asheville, NC now so he came to the theater. Stratus even introduced him before the screening, but acted shy. It was two days before his retirement announcement so he may have been holding out on me, but then he keeps coming back so it’s always ongoing.


CraveOnline: I’m surprised you were shy because isn’t your whole job in public?

Edge: I don’t know if I’m shy really. I jump around in tights for a living so I can’t be too shy.


CraveOnline: But maybe for an audience like this?

Edge: I really don’t have a problem getting in front of people. If you talked to me in seventh grade, I was shy then but I had to get rid of that pretty quick when I decided to go to school for radio and when I wanted to be a wrestler. I’m laid back but I wouldn’t say shy.


CraveOnline: What do you think of having Actionfest in Asheville?

Edge: I think it’s cool. I honestly had no idea either. Trish last week had said, “What are you doing next week?” She told me this was going to premiere in Asheville, I was like, “I’ll be there.” Now that I live here and everything, I really love the eclectic feel of Asheville. I like just that it has things like this and the mood of the people. It doesn’t matter what they look like, it doesn’t matter how you dress. It’s just a very cool, down to earth kind of hip – I hate that word – but hip place. So it didn’t surprise me at all that it would have an Actionfest.


CraveOnline: After Wrestlemania, what is coming up for you in the ring?

Edge: Well, we have Raw and Smackdown. There’s no off season so it keeps going and going and going.


CraveOnline: Does your storyline with Alberto Del Rio continue or do you start something new?

Edge: Yeah, I think Alberto and I continues and keep that rolling. I’ve been having fun with it and I think the people seem pretty into it too.


CraveOnline: Do you do live shows in Asheville?

Edge: Occasionally at The Civic Center. It’s an older arena. I was living here by that point so I want to say it was maybe a year ago now. Usually once a year, we get around this area or Greenbough or Columbia or Charlotte.


CraveOnline: Obviously Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year, but are there other seasonal pay per views you look forward to?

Edge: It’s hard because we don’t have an off season. We just kind of keep going and going and going, so Mania’s the one that you kind of gear up to the most it seems because there’s the most pageantry around it. You try and get fired up for all of them if you can but each month there’s a pay per view. Wrestlemania’s the one that stands out.


CraveOnline: I remember when I was growing up there were only four.

Edge: Now every month there’s one. I can’t even name them all. They change yearly too. Now they have a Money in the Bank one. I think this year there’s one they’re calling Capital Punishment. A lot of times they’ll change the name too.


CraveOnline: What’s your workout like these days?

Edge: I try to circuit train and get my cardio in my workout. I don’t do cardio. I just don’t stop during my workouts. It keeps my heart rate up. I don’t lift heavy anymore. I have too many tears and plates and things like that to go heavy anymore so I found that works best for me to keep the heart rate up and get the cardio in because I get bored doing cardio an hour, just walking on the treadmill or riding bikes or elliptical. So I find by doing that it keeps me mentally stimulated as well.


CraveOnline: Are you eying movies to star in, either through WWE Films or independently?

Edge: I shot one in August that I believe comes out in January through WWE Films. I’ve done little things here and there over the years but that was the first time I was number one on the call sheet. It’s a lot of work. It was a lot of work while still maintaining the wrestling schedule too. So I think if I ever did it again, I wouldn’t try and keep the WWE schedule.


CraveOnline: They don’t give you a month off while you’re shooting?

Edge: No, no. I lived in New Orleans and we shot down there. It was basically for a month and a half I was up for at least two days a week straight to get it all in.


CraveOnline: What is the film?

Edge: It’s called Bending the Rules. It’s got Jamie Kennedy, Jessica Walter, Philip Baker Hall, Jennifer Esposito.


CraveOnline: Do you get to play a character very different from your wrestling persona?

Edge: Oh yeah, yeah. It’s closer to my actual persona than it is my wrestling persona.


CraveOnline: Does the persona just spiral the longer you’re in the ring, it just gets more and more out there?

Edge: Not really. I think one of the keys to trying to stay relevant in the industry is kind of re-inventing yourself so you can take elements of your real personality but it’s dialed way up. I don’t walk around pulling my own hair out and eyes bugging out when I’m on the street.


Photo Credit: PNP/WENN.com