TV Moms with Most MILF Potential

I’m sure we can all name some standard, tried and true MILFs off the top of our heads. 

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

Women like Teri Hatcher,  Stacy’s Mom, and one of the less abrasive moms from the real housewives of wherever. But in the post Mother’s day splendor, let’s take a moment to address the moms that show the greatest MILF potential. 

Carol Potter, who played known as Cindy Walsh, or Mrs. Walsh, on the original Beverly Hills 90210. I’m serious here. Yes, they dressed her like she was going to a rodeo and curled or chopped her hair so as not to take any attention away from Shannon Doherty’s expressive lip pouting, or Jennie Garth’s creepy paleness. However, this was a woman who could turn some heads if she just wore something other than a fleece pullover or cardigan. I promise, with the right costume and make up she would seem less like a robot trained to offer snacks and beverages to Brandon and Brenda’s and more like a creature down for some good times.

Meredith Baxter, who played Elyse Keaton on Family Ties. I know I don’t need to convince anyone of this. Yes, she always dressed like she needed to climb a fence or stage a sit in, and it’s hard to find anyone attractive when there’s some goonie bearded guy chained to her all the time, but this woman was truly a classic beauty. You knew that in her heyday she must have been some devastatingly devastating cheerleader, making throngs of football players, their dads and her teachers weak in the knees. And that other place.

Patricia Richardson who played Jill Allen on Home Improvement. This was one woman with MILF potential that you just felt sorry for. Namely, she was forced to pretend to be Tim Allen’s wife for eight years or 203 episodes (call it Satan’s paradise or call it purgatory, heck, she at least got a paycheck) and I’m willing to bet that nonsense got old FAST. More than that, this very attractive woman was given some very blunt haircuts, and wardrobe that looked like she got it from the Ladies section at Sears. Different hairstyles and different clothes and this woman would put a solid foot in MILF territory.

Betsey Randle who played the mom (Amy Matthews) on Boy Meets World, starring Ben Savage. This was no dowdy woman. She had a face like a sweetheart elf, and if the costume designers of that show had put down the Ann Taylor crack pipe, allowing this woman to wear jeans that didn’t come up to her armpits and which didn’t look like each leg was enveloped in a North Face sleeping bag, all would see she clearly had it going on. She was peppy and put up with a lot of crap from that very male dominated family, taking it all in a little hippity hop. (I just watched the opening credits from the 1993 show. I’m struck by two things: Whoa. That was some hokey “entertainment”. And two: I am old, I am old, I am old, and you are too, dear reader, if you’ve seen the show).

As if I’m going to mention one Savage brother and his hokey, but cute show which had a shockingly longer two year run than his older brother’s awesome, iconic and brilliant show, The Wonder Years, starring none other than sir Fred Savage.  Alley Mills, the actress who played Norma Arnold on The Wonder Years is the final Miss Most-MILF-Potential. Now perhaps it’s just my faded and inaccurate memories from childhood, but that woman looked like she had taken a break from fighting crime with Charlie’s Angels to pack Kevin Arnold’s school lunches. She had the sixties hairdos, the pastel, somewhat metallic-y lip-gloss, sometimes a headband, sometimes those feline shades. She knew what she was doing and she dealt with her husband’s grunting, Wayne’s general B.S., Kevin’s over-pause-y speech and the fact that her eldest daughter never seemed to be home.