Manny Pacquiao defeats Shane Mosley

The "Pacman" defeats "Sugar" Shane in a unanimous decision.

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Manny Pacquiao

Manny Pacquiao has easily become the most recognizable face around the globe when it comes to the sport of boxing. The "Pacman" has thrilled us with his tear through each weight class , displaying his tornado like offense with compelling killer instinct.  After turning former welterweight champ Antonio Margarito into a punching bag with four limbs in his previous fight, on Saturday night at the MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas ,Pacquiao targeted another former world champion , "Sugar" Shane Mosley.


The aging Mosley was thought to be a very live underdog but hasn't won a fight since Jan 2009 after he also dispatched of Margarito in more dominating fashion with a ninth round knockout. After losing a one-sided affair against Pacquiao nemesis Floyd Mayweather Jr in May of 2010, the 39-year-old Mosley fought to a draw last September in a forgettable fight against junior middleweight, Sergio Mora.


When the fight begun , Pacquiao approached Mosley with a jab followed by quick right hands. Mosley , looking game, landed a couple of nice rights over Pacquaio's jab which Pacman countered with a left to the body. The second round saw the pace pickup a bit until the third where Pacquiao dropped Mosley with a left hand straight to the ear. Mosley picked himself off of the canvas, looking badly hurt.


Mosley entered the fourth round by landing a thumping right hand and left to the body. This eemed to increase Pacquiao's intensity as the champion turned the heat up on his rival , landing with both hands to win the round.


The next three rounds saw Mosley begin to fade a bit with his face slowly beginning to swell. He did have a moment where he landed a good shot at the end of the sixth, but it didn't phase the champion as he fired back at will. It appeared that Pacquiao started to let up on the challenger as Mosley was on his horse, fighting as little as possible. Mosley began to go into survival mode.


The tenth round started with Pacquiao rocking Mosley with a left but both fighters  touched gloves in the midst of battle and left a bad taste in the mouth of those fans in attendance who began to boo. Pacquiao was then sent down to the canvas from a Mosley shove that the referee ruled as a knockdown. The Pacman got to his feet, visibly angered by the call and proceeded to batter Mosley into retreat.


Pacquiao looked sharp in the last two rounds, landing hard right hooks and stunning left hands to a now defeated Shane Mosley. Pacquaio won the decision with a scorecard of 119-108, 120-108 and 120-107. 


After watching this fight, I must say there is something left to be desired now by the number #1 fighter in the world. Fighting damaged goods such as Mosley will not satisfy fight fans much longer , so here's hoping that  Pacquiao does fight someone who does pose some kind of threat to his reign in the near future. The night was dominated by disappointing moments mixed with small sparks of excitement.


We'll just have to wait for the next Sergio Martinez fight, I guess.


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