The In-Betweener Goes Tween

Marvel's obscure and mysterious cosmic entity gets a Justin Bieber makeover for some reason.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

The In-Betweener

Marvel has announced a new high-level cosmic miniseries entitled Vengeance, which will be written by Joe Casey with art from Nick Dragotta, starting in July.  In six issues, they plan to weave a massively ambitious story exploring "the complex nature of good, nature and what lies beyond" with the help of many familiar and obscure characters – and one of them includes the enigmatic In-Betweener, who's getting a Justin Bieber redesign.

“Judging from Dragotta's character sketch," Casey says, "I think it's easy to see that we're putting the ‘tween’ back [in] In-Betweener.  Anyone who read his last appearance in Avengers will recognize threads directly picked up from that story.”

Not that much is known about the character of the In-Betweener, but the cosmic cipher did show up in the thrall of Scorpio before Earth's Mightiest Heroes managed to free him.  He generally serves as a go-between (natch) for Lord Chaos and Master Order, trying to provide balance while embodying duality.  He does have his own agenda, though (including butting heads with Galactus on multiple occasions) and has ever since his first appearance in Warlock #10 back in 1975.  Yeah, he's a 70s kinda guy.

And now, he's a 2011 kind of kid, complete with Bieber-mop which, truth be told, is not all that different from the Beatles' mop-tops.  Is that any better or worse than this?

The In-Betweener


Hard to say.  Maybe it's just somewhere in between.