There’s Still Juice in Current Consoles, says Ken Levine

BioShock Infinite's Creative Director proclaims we haven't yet hit the ceiling of this generation.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Ken Levine, godfather of the BioShock franchise, has told VideoGamer that the current generation of consoles still has some life left in it. It’s not quite time to move on just yet.

In fact, Levine used a fantastic example to show the strides we make over the course of a console generation. To make his point, Levine brought up PS2 launch games and compared them against the titles seen later in the console’s life cycle.

"No … I think about the PS2. It started with Fantavision and The Bouncer, and it ended with San Andreas and God of War,” explained Levine. “That's the same piece of kit [running] those games. If you told that to anyone on the planet who didn't know better, that it was running on the same piece of kit, they'd tell you that you were an absolute f**king liar!

"There's a lot of juice in there to find, you just have to find it. I'd hate to be the guy making my first game for the Xbox 360 or PS3 right now, because the experience of working on it for years really helps us."

Levine concluded the interview by talking about how he’s solely focused on finishing up BioShock Infinite and making it the best game he possibly can for the current generation of consoles. He isn’t daydreaming about what’s on the horizon. Instead, his head is buried in what’s directly in front of him. For the record, that’s a great philosophy to have right now. As Levine points out, the current generation is still ripe with possibilities. If you need further proof of that, just look at the tech behind L.A. Noire.