Podcast: Next Gen News #64

It’s E3 hype with a retro twist.

Erik Norris & Joey Davidsonby Erik Norris & Joey Davidson


This week’s episode of Next Gen News tastes like nostalgia. We’re taking it back old school with your original two hosts, Joey Davidson and Erik Norris, to talk E3 hype. This week’s show is full of high gym socks, incredibly short shorts and cardboard boxes to breakdance on.

Erik and Joey are actually the two unfortunate souls that will be covering the editorial aspect of E3 for CraveOnline. So to gear up for the week long gaming spectacle, they’ve chosen six games that will be showcased at E3 and discuss why they’re excited for them. Some are givens, while others might surprise. Oh, the suspense, we know it’s killing you, so listen in!

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