Metal Gear Solid 5 Is Not On the Way

If you were expecting an E3 announcement, you might want to reconsider.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Enter frowny face now. It seems like clockwork that every year we anticipate some jaw-dropping announcement from Kojima Productions in regards to the next entry in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Solid Snake’s story is over, yet we can’t help but lust for more adventures of the chain smoking, mullet rockin’ badass. However, this year Kojima has preemptively squashed the rumor bug; there will be no announcement of Metal Gear Solid 5 or an NGP port of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots at this year’s E3.

Hideo Kojima, mastermind of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, announced this sad reality on the Japanese version of The Kojima Productions Report. A surprise reveal of Metal Gear Solid 5 is not happening. It’s time to move on to acceptance. Kojima also has in development an undisclosed NGP title, which many theorized was a port of Metal Gear Solid 4. Turns out that is completely a case of fans’ imaginations running wild. Or, at the very least, it isn't something Kojima is ready to talk about in two short weeks. 

However, there is some silver lining here. Kojima does mention in the report that Konami has big plans in store for Metal Gear Solid’s 25th anniversary next year, which is sneaking up quickly… in a cardboard box (har har).

Finally, while it’s disappointing we won’t be seeing MGS5 revealed at E3, chances are very good that we’ll get announcements for MGS: Peace Walker on PS3 and the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection.