This Week In Tweets – Vol. 6

Oprah quits her job, Lady Gaga gives birth and Chris Brown reveals to us his ‘technique’.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

It was probably best that you took a year off, Brody. I mean, you were really overworked during those six seasons of The Hills where you showed up a few times, had sex and then left to go and lie down on Venice Beach. I can only imagine how grueling that whole experience was for you.


It’s important to remember that most of those who would have turned up to a Wil Wheaton book signing would have been Star Trek fans, so by “boobs” he actually means “big, jiggling man-titties”.


God, these Hollywood types have such a sense of self-entitlement, don’t they? Put your own dam dollar in your own damn daughters g-string for Christ sakes!


Well that explains why the police said Mr Brown had his car radio turned on that night.


And out pops another Little Monster, a strange little creature with a penchant for the overuse of exclamation marks and a disproportionate love of pop stars.


Which is strange considering that no one has a fucking clue what you are talking about; Watch this!


What’s this? Oprah’s retired? Why wasn’t this reported?!


Oh. My mistake.   


Dear Perez; I preferred you when you were a dick.