The Funny Pages – Snooki, Bikinis and Mutes Oh my!

The internet is hard and who can expect you to keep up to date on what's hot and what's not, here's a guide to keep you upto date around the water cooler.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Funny Or Die – Snooki Italian Car Crash Meme & Tim Meadows in the 80’s

Snooki is all the rage… or Snooki is raging all over… I don’t remember. Either way this suburbian wooki is all over after her car crash in Italy and the FOD crew are meme’ing her right.

This mini gallery of Snooktastic images and captions went up and I encourage you to think up your own captions!

And while you’re at FOD check out this front page fantastic video with Historys Tim Meadows. ‘The 80s Were Awesome with Tim Meadows


FunnyJunk – Sexually Oblivious Rhino Mom 1

FJ is the place to be, if the place you want to be is full of extreme randomness, misogyny, flamewars, haters and boobs. But it is a great place to catch the pulse of what’s happening on the internet. It’s also the place where some memes are born and others come to die.

Case in point is this n00bie in the meme world, which ranked #2 on FJ with 61296 views, 543 comments, 170 favorites and +2975 thumbs up (the FJ ranking system that makes all FJ’ers cream themselves)


UCB Comedy  – Hot Bikini Models

Upright Citizen’s Brigade in house “beta team” the Brig (based in the NY Theater) hits the UCB Front page with this smoking hot video featuring Neil Casey


Youtube – The Mute Button Improv Everywhere

Youtube is the master of all things web, especially when all things are the world of web video. And when it comes to creating master scenes – Improv Everywhere has the formula down to a Most Viewed Science.