Jokes Over – Weiner Scandal

That joke is too easy, skip it.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

A few days ago I was on Facebook when someone, a fellow comedian, started posting about
the developing scandal involving Representative Anthony Weiner. It becomes clear that he may,
or may not, have sent a picture of his penis to a young twitter follower. So representative Weiner
sent a picture of his wiener to a staffer… the joke wrote itself instantly. I chuckled for a second…
and it was OVER. It’s already over. This kind of joke is so easy it’s not even worth doing. Well
maybe once… but that’s it.

Of course major political comedians had to take a stab at it… the joke, not the wiener. Some did
a great job. Jon Stewart gets the “put it to bed” award on this one:



Well Said Jon! Well Said.

But of course he didn’t cover EVERY little pun he could on the subject. For that we have to look
no further than the show after his on Comedy Central, the Colbert Report.

And all puns are officially covered! Pun that well and Colbert might earn himself a place on the comedy podcast “This is Really Happening” which is comedy at its pun-iest.
Check out the latest tidbits here: TIRH #15

Of course the two great masters of political humor had the advantage of a national television
program that could push out the jokes right away. The rest of the funny video community needs to push this all through pre, post, and general production. So in a few weeks we’ll be treated
(or should I say “tweeted”) to a bunch of bad sketches to that effect. Well the joke is ALREADY
over. It’s OVER. Guy named Weiner sends picture of wiener… that’s as far as it needs to get.


Not convinced? Well here, I'd say Stewart pretty much put the bow on this, once and for all… and in song:



Oh and those who are wondering why I haven’t mentioned politics in this story don’t get the
joke. If this is about politics for you, the joke is on America. That joke is over too. At least it
should be. In your FACE pundits. IN YOUR FACE!

Keep tuning into for more jokes, and news on when they are DONE…