Chavez Jr. v. Zbik

Chavez Jr. wins an uneven victory over Sebastian Zbik.

CraveOnlineby CraveOnline

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. has big shoes to fill. His father, Chavez Sr., is considered to be the greatest Mexican fighter of all time. Chavez Jr has come under much scrutiny, being called out as a protected fighter under Bob Arum's Top Rank promotions. On Saturday night, Chavez Jr looked to get his first taste of gold as he took on undefeated middleweight Sebastian Zbik for the WBC middleweight title.


The first round saw Chavez taking the fight to the smaller Zbik who responded with fast combos and counters. Chavez stayed inside and attempting to punish Zbik with big hooks to the body. The second saw Zbik use his quick jab to land good shots on the chin of Chavez as the young superstar couldn't get off against his slicker opponent.


The third round saw the action pick up as both men traded shots on the inside until Zbik rocked Chavez with a fast combo. Chavez continued to push forward , landing hard right hands at the end of the round. The fourth and fifth round saw Zbik holding Chavez off with jabs and good boxing.  In the fifth , both fighters began to trade once again which saw Zbik landing the cleaner shots until Chavez landed a serious right hand with ten seconds left in the round. The next two rounds saw Chavez land huge hooks to the head and body while the champion fired back with his own rights to the head. Chavez was beginning to take the wind out of Zbik's sails with more hooks to the body.


Zbik looked to take control once again in the eighth and ninth by outboxing Chavez Jr with quick jabs on the inside followed by stunning rights. In the tenth and eleventh rounds, Chavez began to dominate the action with extensive body work. Chavez landing hard shots to the body while Zbik began to fade deep into the fight from Chavez's impressive body attack. The final round was very close as Chavez continued to assault the  body while Zbik landed a few hard combos to the head of Chavez.


The scores were 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112 for Chavez. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr captured his first title with a hard fought victory but his still left some doubt in the minds of fans and writers alike. Possible showdowns with Miguel Cotto and Antonio Margarito have been discussed but a clash with middleweight kingpin Sergio Martinez might very well be what's next. If this fight does happen, Chavez Jr will be taking a huge risk because he would be taking on the number #2 fighter in the world who is very much out of his league. Good luck kid, you'll definitely need it.