DC Reboot: Titans & Legion

Young heroes aren't gone, they're just revamped, recostumed and re-snazzed.  Check out what's up with the TItans and the Legion in the DC Reboot.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Teen Titans #1

Here's today's batch of DC Reboot details, at long last showing us what's up with the legacy characters and the young 'uns in the midst of this youngening-up of the older heroes.  We've got the Teen Titans looking like they might be forming for the first time, as well as a double-dip of Legion of Superheroes action.  And Rob Liefeld.  io9 has a little more flavor text with Dan DiDio and Jim Lee for these titles.

Take a look!


Teen Titans #1


Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth and Norm Rapmund give us a much snazzier Red Robin outfit for Tim Drake (allowing Dr. Mid-Nite to enforce his copyright again) in this new relaunch that sounds like it might be a complete reboot for the team, as they're referring to Wonder Girl as a "mysterious and belligerent powerhouse" and Drake as a kid "forced to step out from behind his keyboard" in the face of a threat hunting down teenage superhumans.  Will Drake still have his Bat-history?  And seriously?  Superboy has duct-taped a post-it note cape to himself?  Come on.  Superboy didn't need any help being lamer, but they somehow managed it.


Static Shock #1



John Rozum, Scott McDaniel and Jonathan Glapion give us Virgil Hawkins, a normal kid with electrical powers fighting crime as Static in DC's effort to bring the Milestone hero into the forefront of the DCU.


Legion #1



Legion legend Paul Levitz returns to the future heroes with artist Francis Portela to write the umpteenth reboot of the 31st Century superteam.  In this iteration, they've lost seven of their best members, but they struggle to survive and recruit in the face of ominous odds.  DiDio says that this title will likely see the least amount of change from what Levitz is already doing with them – save for the subtraction of those seven heroes.


Legion Lost #1



What happened to those seven members of the Legion of Superheroes?  They're stuck in the present day with failing future-tech and a mission to save the world from annihilation.  Fabian Nicieza will be writing with Pete Woods on art duties for this book that's said to have no real connection to Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning's prior Legion Lost title.


Hawk and Dove #1



Last, and most certainly least, is "legendary superstar comics artist Rob Liefeld."  He'll be illustrating what writer Sterling Gates gives him to draw about avatars of war and peace struggling to stop another civil war.