New Nerd Hats for Captain America & Transformers

One cool thing about big-time nerd movies is that merchandise from the actual nerd source material gets pretty cool, too.  Czech it out!

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Hydra Hat

So you've probably heard by now that there's a Captain America movie coming out this summer, and if you've got any kind of hipster mentality at all, you're going to want to prove you were into Cap before Cap was cool.  If you're into baseball caps (and who isn't when you have to run errands before you have a chance to shower or do anything with your crappy mop?), the guys at New Era Cap have some new "lids" for you.  Since most of the heat comes out of the top of your head, they say, sure, we can call it a lid.  Ain't that right, science?

Anyway, New Era Cap also wants to know what other kinds of hats you'd like to see, so feel free to sound off about what you'd like to put on your cranium.


Captain America hat


Captain America hat


Hydra Hat


Look at these things!  Not only can you wear a target on your forehead like Bullseye by wearing that logo of Cap's shield on your noggin, but you can also spite Rob Liefeld (if you're still holding that grudge from Heroes Reborn) by wearing the big A on your head that does not in any way stand for France!  Or, if you have kids whose only knowledge of American history comes from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, you can wear a Hydra hat and convince them you're a Nazi.  Isn't it fun to mess with the minds of impressionable youth?

[Editors note:  Crave Online does not actually endorse mental cruelty to children.]

Oh, and guess what?  There's another Transformers movie coming out this summer, too!  Yes, I know they barely look like Transformers and more like lumbering faceless piles of scrap metal, but you don't have to acknowledge that!  You can get good old-fashioned G1 chapeaus with what looks to be IDW-comic style art on them.  Check it, yo!


Megatron hat


Optimus Prime hat


Comic-Con is coming up, kids.  You have an opportunity to look your nerdiest with hats like this.  Think of it as low-effort cosplay.