Ms. Splosion Man Hands-on

Twisted Pixel shows some love for the ladies by upping the ante.

Alex Keenby Alex Keen

Twisted Pixel is back with its follow-up to the successful Splosion Man, Ms. Splosian Man. Instead of calling the follow-up Splosion Man 2, they smartly made an homage to Ms. Pac-Man.  They’ve left the male gender behind and dove head first into all things lady. Good bye orange explosions and hello pink explosions! But don’t worry about the change, because Twisted Pixel has returned with a whole new set of enjoyable side-scrolling puzzle action to behold.

The first thing I noticed when diving into the beta test of this game is the enormous size of the download.  The original Splosion Man clocked in at a meager 339 MB.  With that in mind I was pretty confident that the new game would fit on my hard drive… until I saw that this beta (aka demo) was 1.7 GB?!  What could they have possibly added to make this game so beefy?

After playing through the tutorial, the epic space bump became evident.  Instead of focusing only on the puzzle elements of Splosion Man, Twisted Pixel has scaled up the action.  At the end of the first level a giant robot takes up almost the entire screen.  Reminiscent of the bosses in God of War, this baddie must be defeated using tactical explosions and multiple quick time events.  It presents quite a challenge and is quite different from anything experienced in the first game.


While the change in gameplay might strike fear in the hearts of the hardcore Splosion Man fans, in this instance it blends in perfectly.  Here it is apparent that the developers understand that their core fans are looking for both puzzle solving goodness plus some entertaining storytelling.  If the rest of the game can straddle multiple genres as well as this level, Ms. Splosion Man has a solid future ahead of it.

In terms of multiplayer, which was the whole purpose of this beta, I was not fortunate enough to experience too much of the game.  I tried to connect to several games and each time my connection was dropped. When I was finally able to connect to a game I had some fun with the co-op mode, which played out similarly to the first game.  Overall, my experience with the multiplayer was not enough to pass judgment this early.  I just hope my connection issues aren’t indicative of a problem.