Dark Horse Comic ‘Beasts of Burden’ Heading to Theaters

Shrek director Andrew Adamson asked if we'd be his Beasts of Burden, but we said we never will.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

In what must be considered an unlikely comic book adaptation, director Andrew Adamson (Shrek, The Chronic-WHAT?!-cles of Narnia) has chosen his next project: Beasts of Burden, the acclaimed comic book from Dark Horse. Kind of like Supernatural meets Bunnicula, the series from Evan (Milk & Cheese) Dorkin and Jill (Scary Godmother) Thompson stars a group of dogs – and one stray cat – in the town of Burden Hill, which is beset on all sides by magical mysteries. The pets spend most of their free time solving murders, stopping demonic cannibal frogs and licking themselves. It's a brilliant series but it's kind of messed up. 

Adamson seems like an odd choice for the material, what with his family friendly oeuvre, which makes us deeply concerned that the Beasts of Burden will be neutered in the adaptation. The film will be brought to you by ReelFX, which has experience making films like Open Season 2 and Open Season 3, also not a particularly good sign.

Still with the right screenplay there's no reason why Beasts of Burden can't claw its way into moviegoers' hearts the way it has many a comic book aficionado. Hollywood Reporter had the original story.

Crave Online will be back with more Beasts of Burden news… in 'spayeds.'

Get it? 'Spayeds?' Oh man, that was the cat's meow, wasn't it?