Hipster National Sport: Free-sbee

Its the first sport you win by getting over it.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

The origin of Free-sbee lies in the ancient hippie game of "Disc Golf" which allowed a person to stroll around the park and smoke weed while appearing to be competing with friends. But when being outside became too popular and Trader Joe's cheap wine was invented; hipsters needed a fun game to play while they picnicked indoors and judged each other.

(By the way Free-sbee was/is/will-be-so-don't-take-it the name of my folk/wave pop group in college. We played one gig)
Here's how you play. 

First step is you need to physically buy a Frisbee for Free-sbee. If you do, your team automatically receives one point for being ironic. If you bum a Frisbee make sure to return it you know, whenever

Second, grab one or two more people, technically as many as you want but if you invite too many then it stops being cool. How about Susan? She seems to like you. Oh, but she's still wearing that homemade Feist t-shirt from last fall. Yeah, that last fall. Sorry Susan, I already invited Paul and Elaine.

Third, simply throw the Frisbee- ahem, Free-sbee to someone and hopefully they will catch it. If you are catching the Free-sbee make sure to cover your mouth with it and whisper something snarky under your breath. That'll show them. Then roll your eyes over to whomever you want to throw to next and pass the Free-sbee.

It's that simple! Duh.

Continue playing Free-sbee until it goes out of fashion. Then wait to finish your game until it becomes just unpopular enough; then reveal that secretly you always liked Free-sbee. Finish the game with a new set of friends who get you.

Points are scored if you care about points. You know who else cares about points? Republicans and SUV drivers.

I recently cycled to Portland to photograph the Pitchfork 2011 Underground Free-sbee Championships, here's some photos I shot while there:


The 'Mouth' catch. Is that a girl or boy in the middle?


The 'PBR Flip Kick'. Nice solo Bryan!


Nice 'It's Not Like I Care' catch Lisa.


And finally, the 'I'm Done With This' no handed catch.

Free-sbee is the perfect Hipster National Sport for several reasons:

    No physical contact with another human is required
    You can do it in the confined space of your shitty apartment (or outdoors, "but why?")
    Zero environmental impact ("cause I care about the planet okay")
    Requires effort, but not too much effort
    Easy to blame other person for not properly catching Free-sbee ("They just don't get you")

…And of course, it's free!

Try it out with your friends today. But not Susan. I'm still getting over that shirt. God, what was she thinking?