DC Likely Ending Superman’s Marriage to Lois Lane

In the comic book world's ongoing crusade against happy marriages, DC looks to be splitting up Lois & Clark so he can hook up with Wonder Woman.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Superman and Lois Lane

Well, the rumors that the DC Reboot would shake up Superman's world by breaking up his marriage with longtime love Lois Lane just got a lot more weight to them.  DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio hasn't outright confirmed it, but we all know better.

“Let’s just say it's being reexamined," he said, "because it's something that I think is something that is so valuable to the character's story that you really want to explore all facets of it. Not just as it exists currently.”

“We really went back to the core of the character,” he continued. “And more importantly, we got somebody in Grant Morrison, who's really taking the character and reinventing him so you feel a real contemporary tone, a really contemporary time, but still staying true to the core. I think it's so important for us to make sure Superman stays as relevant today as he did when he first was created back in the '30s.”

Well, at least he's not selling his marriage to Satan, like Spider-Man did.

While there's no actual statement regarding whether or not Kal-El is going to start something up with Diana of Themyscira, that's the prevailing sentiment at the moment.  Given the fact that, by early indications, the two major Superman titles will have one set in the present day and one that's not just a list of things he's done in the past but also a chronicling of his rise to power, it's possible we might get one book where Clark Kent is courting Lois and one book that details Superman's past relationship with Wonder Woman.  Thus, the best of both worlds, perhaps?

The Superman/Wonder Woman hook-up is not without precedent, of course, as we all remember how Kingdom Come ended.  If you don't – hey, he knocks her up.   Also, the marriage of Lois and Clark was done in the first place just to tie in with the Lois & Clark TV series back in 1996, which focused mainly on the soapy drama of their courtship, much like the recently-ended Smallville series did as well.  Will what works for the Idiot Box work for the funny books?

That'll be our call, when it comes out and we decide whether or not we're gonna pick it up.  What say you?  Are you boycotting or are you benefit-of-the-doubting?