Interview with Bill Murray Day Creator Casey O’Donnell

If it’s on the web it must be true! This Tuesday is Officially being declared as Bill Murray Day!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof


A short while back Casey O'Donnell set out with a mission. To have lunch with Bill Murray. The half joke blog, started to gain recognition, an audience and grew. Casey then decided, while his mission to have lunch with Bill Murray was still in the far off distance, he wanted to do something to celebrate now. So with that, he declared Bill Murray Day (this coming Tuesday june 21st)

This was the statement released by O'Donnell About the event:

Well it’s official, Tuesday June 21,2011 10pm EST, 7pm PST the greatest live stream ever streamed will begin streaming the Official Bill Murray Day celebration! What do we have planned? How about some live performances by the Bill Murray Band, stand up by a semi-famous comedian (Announced soon), bobbing for Baby Ruth’s contest, hot girls mud wrestling, Bill Murray movie drinking games, #billmurrayday twitter explosion, farthest fan check in contest, plus much much more, and hot girls mud wrestling.


I sat down with the Man behind this epic excuse to celebrate one of the last great comedian/actors/larger than life icons in our little modern history.

The Questions


1.     Why Bill Murray, and not say Steve Martin, Chevy Chase or… Ernie Hudson?

 While it would be awesome to meet and or have lunch with any of those guys, I didn't decide on Bill Murray because he is a famous comedian/actor. I want to meet Bill Murray because of the enigmatic status Bill Murray has developed over time. He has this J.D. Salinger type reputation now, kind of untouchable, only popping up when and where he decides. That untouchable quality is really why I chose Bill Murray over anyone else. It seems like you could arrange a meeting with those other guys, you have to earn a lunch with Bill Murray.


2.     What do you think Bill Murray would order for lunch?

 Hopefully something not too expensive since I am inviting him to lunch, common courtesy says I should pick up the tab and I don't think I can swing anything higher than say two $$ on the yelp scale.


3.     Why Lunch with Bill Murray and not breakfast, dinner, brunch or just oysters and drinks ?

 Breakfast is really asking a lot of someone. Breakfast is early in the morning and not everyone is a morning person. Breakfast is also the most important meal of the day so complicating that with meeting times and conversation isn't a good idea. Dinner also has it's issues, it immediately becomes more formal and also more expensive, two things that could ruin a meeting before it ever starts. Oysters are kind of gross and seems strange for two dudes meeting for the first time to enjoy together. Drinks would be fine but I always get hungry after drinking so why not just have a meal as well. That is why lunch is perfect, it's the most casual of the meals, it also offers the most food options, also sandwiches are my favorite food. All of that being said if Bill Murray prefers any of these other options over lunch, then I am on board, except oysters because that option is still bizarre to me.


4.     If Bill Murray couldn’t do it, but you could have a choice of Any other celebrity to have lunch with, who would you pick then?

 I wouldn't because I am not doing this because Bill Murray is a celebrity. I want to have lunch with Bill Murray because of all the other things around Bill Murray beside the celebrity aspect of it.


5.     What if you could just do high tea with Brian Doyle-Murray?

 That would be awesome, I would ask him about Caddyshack or his role as Magic Janitor in 17 again, but it wouldn't count as a replacement for Lunch with Bill Murray.


6.     What would be your ideal restaurant choice for lunch with Bill Murray?

 Something slightly better than a Chili's type restaurant but not as fancy as something Tom Colicchio owns, so like a P.F. Changs or Claim Jumper. Also not a chain restaurant.


7.     So the Official ‘Bill Murray Day’ event now has 1900+ virtual guests attending. What can they expect to happen on Bill Murray day?

 Well like any other major holiday we encourage everyone to celebrate however they want. Some suggestions include watching your favorite Bill Murray movie, or dressing as your favorite Bill Murray character, or throw a huge bash for your whole city/town with fireworks and cake and really go all out. If they are looking for another option, we will be hosting a live telethon online for Bill Murray Day that will include many special guests and performances and maybe even a prize or two. (this answer can get more detailed after we meet up obviously)


8.     What is you favorite Bill Murray movie?

 That is a nearly impossible question to answer but the first one that popped in my head was Stripes so I will say Stripes.


9.     How many times have you seen it?


… come on how many times have your really seen it?



10.Why June 21st for Bill Murray Day?

 June doesn't have any major holidays so I knew I wanted it to be in June, then picking the day came down to giving it at least some meaning and Bill Murray's birthday is September 21 so I figured why not the 21st. Later I realized this is also the start of summer so with any luck we can make Bill Murray Day the holiday that kicks off summer instead of Memorial Day. Nothing against Memorial Day, God Bless our Troops.


11.What do you think the Traditional Bill Murray Day celebrator should prepare for their celebration?

 Start off by getting plenty of sleep the night before so you are ready and alert the whole day. Have your Bill Murray costume ready to go so that you can wear it all day. Like Halloween, your place of work will be fine with you dressing up on this day of days. Also prepare or purchase as much ecto-cooler as possible because it should be the only thing you drink (not including water of course, so you don't die). Other than that, really anything you do on Bill Murray Day will be exactly how you should celebrate Bill Murray Day, that is the beauty of Bill Murray Day.


So I know I’ll be tuning celebrating, join in on the fun with us.


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