Funding the Fun Makers : Hipster Holocaust

Sometimes it's hip to be Killer and sometimes it's hip to be Killed.

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Hipster Holocaust is a Short film, that touts itself in the grindhouse style, in which we can hope to see hundreds and hundreds of Silver Lake based hipster, drowned by PBR, Choking on double frap half café organic mocha blends and if there’s a god in even bludgeoned to death with a pair of crocs.

  1. Kickstarter Page

The Story (as per their kickstarter pages is ):

What happens when a deranged young man living in a hipster-infested LA neighborhood is pushed too far? Spoiler/title alert: HIPSTER HOLOCAUST! Like an 80’s slasher flick starring the population of the Coachella parking lot, or an unholy marriage or 500 DAYS OF SUMMER and FALLING DOWN, HH is going to be a fake trailer for the grindhouse movie you only wish existed. Prepare for a two-and-a-half minute blast of gore, laughs, and wish-fulfillment.

This summer… the scene is dead.

With 20 days to go, this project has raised almost one third of their final goal of $3000.

Team Highlights

Director: Scott Brown – director of Digital Content for Spike TV's Blue Mountain State and director of Asylum

Writer/Producer: Ian Shorr – Currently writing the ‘Strangers On A Train’ remake for Warner Brothers.

Writer/Producer: Jon D.A. – In 2007 he won the Screamfest LA horror-film festival "Best Screenplay" award for a script he co-wrote called ‘The Palace.’

Producer: Steve Tobler – He currently works for CBS Interactive’s


The Perks

Hip and trendy donators to the project can be a literal part of the project for as little as one dollar. One buck gets you on the Hip Hit List as a causality. That’s right, for a cool Washington you your name on the you get your name on our official list of "Hipster Killers" included in the credits of the film.

Other perks include blood covered copies of the script,  A visit to the set where you can call ‘action’ before some one takes a jagged PBR can to the face, Or even the chance to be that very unlucky hipster.

So check out Hipster Holocaust and enjoy. As I’m writing this, two guys with messenger bags, non prescription glasses, swoosh hair cuts and half sleeves of tattoos (on each arm) just walked in, and all I can think about is… how little that little that neoprene sleeve around this guys laptop would really protect him from the repeated impact of his macbook pro with the walnut wood paneling mac skin from think geek on it.