Jokes OVER: Hipsters

We’ve had our fun. Hipster Week is over, and so is this joke.

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

In the past week, CraveOnline’s comedy channel has taken aim at hipsters. If you read these articles, you may feel like hipsters are being treated as second class citizens, an oppressed minority screaming for justice in an unfair world. That was, I assure you, our intent. However while we take the hipsters to the cleaners, we’ll admit that they have every right to their unique subculture even if it’s core belief of dispassionate individuality are pretty much a lie.  And even if it was true, it would still be stupid.

So let’s put our weapons back in our holsters and take a break from the hipster jokes. After all they are just the latest in a long line of pocket cultures. Pretty soon we’ll have a whole new thing show up, and I’m putting money on it somehow being caused by Lady GaGa. When this happens we’ll stand united with the hipsters in declaring this next big thing to be stupid. Such is the way of the world. One day we’ll all be united. Hipsters will stand with punks, preppys, mods, ravers, rude boys, skaters, trekkies, and the rest. We’ll unite against the next seemly strange and asinine subculture, or maybe just the Juggalos. Until then lets cut hipsters a break. Well, after we admonish them one more time for ALWAYS WEARING SCARVES!  Stop wearing scarves so much! You ruined scarves!

As its traditional with this article I’ll leave you with some sketches and links that “did” the joke. So its done. You can stop trying over and over to word that joke about being “over” the moon. That joke is not going to work.

Here is a rehearsal sketch from SNL that didn’t make the final show. Its not all about hipsters but it does mention them, and its pretty funny. I don’t really love SNL this season, so that’s saying a lot!

Here’s a great sketch that pokes fun at American Apparel. I think it speaks for itself.


Here is a King of the Hill excerpt that sums up hipsters in the least number of words:

Lastly here is the man himself Stephen Colbert with his comments on Muslim hipsters. There is some other stuff on this clip… you might as well watch it all. If you don’t… whatever. Meh.




Last but not least here is a link to Sam Proof’s amazing sampling of 10 Hipster Videos… CHECK IT! BEST HIPSTER VIDEOS

For more on hipsters just travel backwards down the CraveOnline Comedy Channel feed. But don’t go beyond this point looking for hipster stories because that joke is OVER!