Moment of the Week: Intestinal Tract Man!

Flashpoint poses the question:  How do you smuggle Plastic Man into a prison?  Do you really wanna know?

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1

Last time, we kicked off our new Moment of the Week feature by showing you Frankenstein taking on Hitler.  Yeah, it only took a moment! 

This week, we've got a visual doozy from Legion of Doom #1, a new Flashpoint chapter from Adam Glass and Rodney Buchemi.  The story focuses mostly on Heat Wave's trip to Queens Row Penitentiary after Cyborg ended his arson spree.  Turns out the villain has a friend on the outside who managed to pay a poor sap by the name of Cluemaster to be a mule for him.

No, he's not a drug mule.  He's a freakin' Plastic Man mule!  That's right, Eel O'Brian crawls up out of Cluemaster's digestive system to spring a cruddy firebug from the Grey Bar Hotel.  That's something you can't say you ever expected to see.

And by the way, in the Flashpoint world, Plaz has pants!  They look good on him!

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Legion of Doom #1


Legion of Doom #1