Warren Beatty Returns to Movies After 10 Years

Clyde Barrow himself is back in the driver's seat for another Dick Tracy and a new, untitled comedy.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

It's hard to tell if Warren Beatty retired from filmmaking after 2001's disastrous box office bomb Town & Country, or if he simply retreated. Either way, he's back in action now, announcing two new projects. First up, a new untitled comedy from Paramount which… we know jack squat about. Dang it. Beatty also announced that he was working on a new Dick Tracy movie, although he was hazy with the details.

Deadline reported on the new comedy, Beatty's first directorial effort since the Oscar-nominated (and already impossibly dated) Bulworth. Although it has its fans, Bulworth never earned Beatty the acclaim of his previous directorial efforts, Heaven Can Wait, Reds (for which he won the Academy Award for Best Director) and the stylish funnybook gangster movie Dick Tracy. Let's hope he brings back some of the Heaven Can Wait magic this time.

As for Dick Tracy, AintItCool announced that a little while ago, but Beatty didn't go into any detail regarding whether the new film was a sequel, remake, re-imagining, reboot or whatever. It's difficult to imagine Beatty returning as the title character, making us wonder who among the modern crop of movie stars has a jaw strong enough to wear the trademarked banana fedora. May we suggest Viggo Mortensen?

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