Jimmy Kimmel Makes Fun Of Vancouver Canucks Fans

Monologue and fake tourism ad support "angry Canada."

Jennifer Coxby Jennifer Cox

The riots may have been something we took very seriously at home, but it didn't take long for late-night host Jimmy Kimmel to make fun of the violence that ensued when the Vancouver Canucks lost the Stanley Cup to the Boston Bruins during Game 7 of the Playoffs last week.

"It was like watching Katie Couric get drunk and beat Matt Lauer," he said during his show "Jimmy Kimmel Live!", as reported by Global News.

In his nightly monologue Kimmel said he liked this new "angry Canada," and then the show aired an ad-spoof from tourism Canada that showed various clips of the riots in the Vancouver. They cleverly finished things off with the tagline: "Canada: Where the people aren't nice anymore."

While it may have made for an amusing spot on the late-night show, the riots, in fact, cost the city millions of dollars and a number of people were brought to two local hospitals with a wide range of injuries. Storeowners are still picking up the pieces of the violent outbreak, and police are continuing to make arrests as tips pour in identifying various looters and other rioters.

The Times & Transcript reprinted a portion of Globe and Mail columnist Margaret Wente's article from last Saturday's paper – she wrote about hockey, "Sometimes it shows us at our best, and sometimes you've just gotta cringe. But look on the bright side. If that's all we've got to riot over, we're still the most fortunate nation on Earth.'


Photo Credit:  WENN.com