Preview: DC Retroactive: The ’70s

DC's Retroactive event, which makes much more sense in the face of the Reboot, shows off its 1970s pride.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

DC Retroactive Flash 70s

In case all the DC Reboot news made this slip your mind, DC is having a special "Retroactive" event this summer, which brings back classic creators on the titles that helped made them famous.  Back when it was announced, it was kind of a cool, fun thing to do.  Now it looks like a respectful swan song for the continuity DC had been building for 70+ years.

The covers below take us back to the 1970s, for a chance to bask in styles and sagas past.  Take a look and bask in a nostalgic feeling.


Superman 70s

DC RETROACTIVE: SUPERMAN – THE 70s – cover by Eduardo Barreto and Allen Passalaqua


Green Lantern 70s

DC RETROACTIVE: GREEN LANTERN – THE 70s cover by Mike Grell and Allen Passalaqua


DC Retroactive Flash 70s

DC RETROACTIVE: THE FLASH – THE 70s cover by Benito Gallego, Sal Buscema, and Carrie Strachan


DC Retroactive Justice League 70s

DC RETROACTIVE: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA – THE 70s cover by Andy Smith, Ernie Chan, and Carlos Badilla


DC Retroactive Wonder Woman 70s

DC RETROACTIVE: WONDER WOMAN – THE 70s cover by J. Bone and Carrie Strachan


DC Retroactive Batman 70s

DC RETROACTIVE: BATMAN – THE 70s cover by Tom Mandrake and Wes Hartman