Pruitt Taylor Vince Is Among ‘The Walking Dead’

The veteran character actor will play Otis in the second season on AMC.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

With "The Walking Dead" back in production for its upcoming second season, the first new cast member has been revealed.

TVLine is reporting that Pruitt Taylor Vince has signed on to play Otis, a farmhand whose dramatic entrance to the series will play a critical part in where the survivors end up.

As fans of the original "Walking Dead" comics by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard should remember, Vince is not a close physical match for Otis, who is described as "good-natured and polite."

Prior to this role, Vince made guest appearances on "The X-Files," "Deadwood," "Quantum Leap," "The Mentalist,"  "Alias," "Touching Evil" as well as starring in feature films like "JFK," "Mississippi Burning," "Identity" and "Heavy."

Minor "Walking Dead" Season 2 Spoilers Ahead!


In the original comics, Otis first encounters the survivors after accidentally shooting one of them. He then leads them back to the farm belonging to his employer, Hershel. The producers of "The Walking Dead" TV series have confirmed that several episodes in the second season will take place on Hershel's farm, with Hershel and his daughter, Maggie as major roles yet to be cast.

It's also unknown if or when the series will introduce Tyreese and his family or the fan-favorite, Michonne.


Minor spoilers over!

AMC has also released a promotional video that was shot on the first day of the second season, earlier this month.



"The Walking Dead" will return for a second season of 13 episodes this October on AMC.

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