Kyrie Irving WILL Be The #1 Pick

The Talented Duke point guard is the future of the Cavaliers.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The story of the Cleveland Cavaliers over the past year is one everybody is familiar with by now, They were the best regular season team with the best player in the league, yet they couldn't get it done in the playoffs because they were basically a one man show. Then that man decides to head south in such a fashion that not only breaks the hearts of his city but of his team as well. While this player continued his trend of being great in the regular season before imploding in the playoffs, the lowly Cavaliers went from being the top team to being the next to worse team in the NBA, enduring a season filled with adjustment, injury and forced to endure the praise of 'he-who-left'.

Then came the night the ping pong balls decided enough was enough and gave the disheartened Cleveland team both the #1 and the #4 picks in the draft. Some in the league may cry shenanigans at this but I firmly believe that this was a firm example of Karma.

So, with the top choice in the draft that everyone is calling weak yet teams are desperately trying to get a top pick out of, the Cleveland Cavaliers will choose Kyrie Irving, point guard, of Duke.

The Cavs will choose  Irving for a couple of reasons.

The first reason is simply because he is the best player in the draft. It's possible, even likely, that there is another player who will probably have a better career in the long run, the odds say that's going to happen, but since I can barely see past 100 yards, the future is well beyond my grasp. That leaves me with just the facts, man, and the facts say that the best player available is Irving.

The second reason is Cleveland head coach Byron Scott. Scott, in the past, has built his most successful teams around talented point guards. With Chris Paul and Jason Kidd, he has remodeled franchises into winners and it's safe to say that's the route he would want to go this time around. So unless Brandon Knight has somehow managed to impress Scott more than Irving, it's a good bet that Irving will be the man at #1.

Irving, for his part, has had his eyes set on being a Cavalier since the gods of luck decided a pick with a 2% chance of being #1 became it. He only worked out for the Cavs and has said nothing but positive things when talking about Cleveland.

And why shouldn't he, honestly?

In going to Cleveland, he's going to a team with an established successful coach who values point guards. He's going to a team with top notch facilities, young talent, and an owner who isn't shy about spending the money to make a winner.

What's not to love!