Sketch FEAST – Pete and Brian

Two men pushing the edge of sketch and sanity:

Sax Carrby Sax Carr


At a recent meeting of the comedy channel writers (yes, we do that) I spent a good hour jumping around and cursing. Was this a juicy tabloid-feeding writer’s room fight? Nope. I was simply trying to remember two simple words. Those words were “Knock Knock”, because I wanted to show my fellow comedy fans this:


I really think that’s about the best sketch I have ever seen. So funny, so edgy, it holds your attention. Plus it’s really just two guys in a room. Simple and easy is the key to good comedy and these two know it. This is Pete and Brian a duo that formed a few years back and as my subsequent research revealed they have gone a long way in a short time. You may have seen their web series FCU: Fact Checkers Unit.  or seen one or more of them in Traffic Light and countless Sundance Film “official selections”. Their story is pretty interesting, but first let’s check another sketch:


Here’s another scene that does so much with so little. I’m not surprised these guys were scooped up quickly to bottle this uniqueness for the big dogs. Seems Pete and Brian (their real names!) met at NYU when they noticed they had complementary styles. They would bring this emerging duo act to Upright Citizens Brigade (NY and LA) and this show “Pete and Brian’s One Man Show” was an official selection at the HBO US Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen.  That’s pretty close to a blank check in this business and they maneuvered this success into writing for award shows, producing web videos for the big networks, and writing a bunch of pilots. More in a second, after another staggeringly funny sketch:



I can’t imagine being able to do that. If you watch again its almost two paragraphs spoken simultaneously, without a prompter, and pretty much in one take. I dare any of you to do that! Send me the link to the video at  because that’s crazy and I need to see it. Ok… I can’t get back into their history, I need to see one more.


CAUTION: This video contains some only partially concealed man-butt


That gets so over-the-top but I love it. Considering their reputation for shocking audiences, I can’t imagine what the live show must have been. Wow. So the combined power of these videos and their packed (award winning) live shows gave them a very important edge. That edge was to have Bill Murray take their calls. Well it was probably his manager that took the call. To be fair their manager probably called his manager. The whole process was complex, but the point is this happened:

This got an official selection at Sundance… and is also AMAZING. Boom these guys are doing FCU for and the rest. It’s all pretty impressive. This style presents the same, funny characters and situations with minimal fluff. I think Pete and Brian have created a pretty inspiring story: “Keep making your unique brand of funny and the fame finds you.” I for one am impressed, and I spend way too much time watching online sketches.


So check out Pete and Brian’s website, their web-series, and the dozens of upcoming projects that also rock. Kudos to you guys! Kudos!


Ok here’s one more: