Look into Other Worlds with BioShock Infinite

Whoa, wait... is that Revenge of the Jedi in BioShock Infinite?! Irrational Games, please explain!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


There’s something special about Elizabeth, the damsel in distress Booker DeWitt is sent to Columbia to retrieve. Elizabeth has the unique ability to open up “tears” in the game world, which not only create dimensional portals to the past and future, but also manipulate the gameplay of BioShock Infinite. Tears are how Irrational Games is incorporating choice into their upcoming spiritual sequel. Players will be able to tell Elizabeth to open up a tear to create cover, or supply them with ammo, for example.

To clear this all up and explain exactly how tears work in the world of BioShock Infinite, creative director Ken Levine has stepped in front of the camera once again for another BioShock Infinite developer diary. Enjoy!