Dinosaurs Are Great, by Sam Weller, Age 8

A blast from the past, in more ways then one. 

Sax Carrby Sax Carr

Millions of years ago giant reptile (occasionally birdlike) monsters taller than your house once roamed the earth devouring each other until a giant asteroid (or ice age, whatever) came and wiped them completely out of existence. They followed no law or religion, and disappeared before the era of human thought and understanding. They remain a studied curiosity to this day and stand as the largest beasts ever willed out of creation in the history of this planet.    

Dinosaurs are not only the greatest; they are also the best. Scientifically speaking, we're still trying to find out exactly how they looked, ate, and raised a nuclear family of 2 1/2 dinosaurs. But when you are 8 years old, facts don't matter to you. All you knew is that you loved dinosaurs because they were all at once the most frightening thing in the world and the most friendly. Or at least that's what cartoons told me. 

Below is the full text of an epic poem that I wrote when I was 8 years old about dinosaurs. How I was able to muster up the patience and creativity to write this non-stop with no juice break I'll never know. But it exists as a great insight to why we all loved dinosaurs as kids. Enjoy.


Editor's note: For the sake of preserving the author's original intent we will correct none of the spelling errors. Enclosed are artist illustrations of what we think Duke and Jim looked like.


Dinosoars Are Great

by Samuel J. Superman Weller


Dinosoars are great

They stump and chew an grumble

The T Rex is the greatesst

in all the dino jungle


My mom once told me

Dinoz were all dead

but I found out they were not

cause I found a T Rex hiding

in my backyard pot.


my house has a big backyard

its the biggesst in the world

And I was playing Darkwng Duck

when I heard


shouting from behind a plant

so I took a look

it was a really big dinosoar

I swear it by the book!



his head wus high and his breath stunk

it smelled bad like puke

I asked him his name

he didnn't speak human

so I call him Duke


dukes scales were large and shiny

his claws were bigger than a plate

he gave me some dino food to eat

I was on a dino date


Duke and I becume besst friends

we ran and ran and ran

we took poops together in my moms pond

I wispered donnt tell dad


I saw Duke kills a rapetor once

I saw him kill a bear

I'm sure Duke could kill a robot

and the robot would not care



T Rexes are scary but they are glad

they like to dance and sing

my friends make fun when i do this

but duke does not he'ss not mean


Dinosoars are great

duke showed me all his freinds

one could fly through the air

I calls that one Jim


duke and Jim and me climbed a mountain

that looked just like my house

but when I tried to fly like Jim

I fell and got knocked out


my mom found me and we wented to the doctor

who said i ate bad things

and duke and jim they were not real!

my mom i did not believe


cause dinosoars are great

they real like me and you

and if you come to my backyard

you'd know that this is true