The State Of BMW

What's new with the classic luxury automaker?

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

BMW ranks amongst the busiest automakers this summer due to increased sales and a commitment to refined technology. Lets see what’s up with BMW in this State of BMW report.


F30 3-Series – It is out with the current E90 model and in with the F30 3-Series. Set to premier first as a sedan, then in coupe and convertible styles with an M3 waiting in the wings in early 2013. The new generation sports a cleaner design, with a lower grille and a longer wheelbase, defining a more grown up version of a previous generation with exaggerated lines. Technology takes a step forward, with its EfficientDynamics offerings including brake energy regeneration and a solar roof panel to power the console. What’s more – a three-cylinder engine and a turbo V6 are rumored to go along with its 4 and 6-cylinder. Look to aggressive incentives from BMW dealers across the country as they clear showrooms of the current E90.


The next M3 – BMW is set to make waves with the release of the new M3 in late 2013. This 414HP, V8 is undergoing testing right now with different engines. Candidates include the S65 from the current M3, a power challenged N34 3.0 liter inline-six, and a super 547HP V8 engine that would be the M3's most powerful engine. All in all, the M3 promises to be an exercise in fuel efficiency and power.


Increased sales – BMW has enjoyed 18% growth in Q1 and Q2 in the US this year, besting the Mercedes Benz. Its success has been largely attributed to increased incentives and the resurgence of its SUV and 5-Series.


Short-lived 1-Series M – The 1M will be shelved by December. Rumors are that this 335HP workhorse is going to be shelved up to 3 years while the 1-Series is unveiled in 2012 or 2013. Look to see very little incentives as dealers look to move this $46,000 machine off lots nationwide. Just don't be tempted into the salesman's pitch of a one-and-down collectible car with the rise of the M3.