Useful Road Trip Apps

3 apps to make your travels a little easier.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Apps are increasingly accommodating to the road trip traveler. With literally thousands of demands, from finding the nearest gas station to learning the fastest route, your iPad, Android, and iPhone are a great bet to keep organized.

Here are three must-download apps for your next road trip.


TripIt – Extended road trips means many stays at roadside motels, quick stops at restaurants, and more. With TripIt you can plan your trip. Need maps and directions? Grab it straight from your mapped itinerary listing all your stops. Want to inform family and friends where you are? One click emails your itineraries to them. All you need to do is forward your trip and order confirmation emails to a designated Tripit email address is TripIt converts it into your personalized concierge with an itinerary with maps and directions.


WalkScore – WalkScore is an underrated location discovery app. Not only will this app reveal all of the grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations, parks, and other hot spots for road trippers, its patented Walk Score, or a score assigned to any destination based on how walkable, or how close in proximity, places of interest are to one another. No more stopping at Podunk, USA with one bar and one gas station. Sort between a map view with pin marked locations or list view with names addresses, and phone numbers of places of interest. Let this app guide you in unfamiliar territory. It is a simpler alternative to Urbanspoon for food.


Gasbuddy – With the rising cost of gas, it can make or break your road trip. Use Gas Buddy to find the closest gas stations around you (US and Canada) and a breakdown comparison by searching by city, state, or zip. Its effective – a quick search of the Oakland area revealed more than 8 gas stations within a 3-mile radius with the lowest price per gallon 3.93 and the highest cost per gallon being 4.09. Saving 16 cents per gallon may make all the difference between crashing in a 3-star vs. a 2-star.