Moment of the Week: The Skull-Brother Chomp

Amidst the chaos of Incredible Hulks #631, the Bi-Beast's two heads turn out not to be any better than the Hulk's one.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Incredible Hulks 631

Everyone loves the Bi-Beast.  If this is news to you, then the Bi-Beast must also be news to you.

See, the Bi-Beast has two faces and two brains in one head.  He looks like a monster, but he's actually an android built by bird people to maintain their floating city in their absence, but they neglected to program him with enough maintenance skills to do the job.  Each brain has its own personality and knowledge base, and they refer to each other as "Skull-Brother." 

Now, you love the Bi-Beast, too.

As explained previously, Incredible Hulks #631 was packed to the gills with Hulk Smashing action, as the Green Goliath was swarmed by monsters in Las Vegas.  At one point, both the Bi-Beast and the Canadian wild beast Wendigo became super-giant-sized, which resulted in some confusion, and that was exploited by the ever-crafty Hulk in a ridiculously fun way.  He crams Wendigo tail into both Skull-Brothers' mouths and forces a double chomp!

Here is the Moment of the Week, from Incredible Hulks #631, written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Paul Pelletier and inked by Danny Miki.


Incredible Hulks #631